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Salé, The Great Neighbor of Rabat

Rabat is not the most visited city in Morocco but it still attracts a lot of visitors. Its neighbour, Salé, separated from Rabat by the mouth of the Bouregreg, attracts very few visitors.

However, Salé is a city that deserves to be visited, especially for its medina. I therefore dedicate this post to the discovery of Salé by sharing some tips that can be useful for visiting Salé.

Visit Salé and its medina

The medina of Salé is quite large. It’s not the most beautiful medina in Morocco, but it’s always nice to walk around a medina that isn’t too hectic.
First point of interest, the great mosque of Salé, also called Al Aadam mosque. It is the third largest mosque in Morocco after the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca and the Quarayaouine mosque in Fez. It is possible to enter the 2 inner courtyards of the mosque!

Right next to the mosque is the Merinid medersa of Salé also called medersa of Abu al-Hassan or medersa of Attalâa. It is one of the smallest religious schools in Morocco but it is very well preserved. It is possible to climb on the roof of the medersa. The view over the roofs of the medina and the neighboring mosque is magnificent. A calm and soothing place!

If you have a little more time during your visit to Salé, do not hesitate to stroll through the medina, randomly through the streets. It’s always a pleasant experience and it’s also an opportunity to snack on something on the street or drink a good fresh fruit juice!

Borj Adoumoue, tunes from Essaouira

The Borj Adoumoue of Salé has nothing to envy to the Sqala of Essaouira.

Located a few hundred meters from the medina of Salé, this borj (bastion) is an integral part of the ramparts of the city of Salé on the sea.

A military bastion, its architecture is typical of these bastions by the sea in Morocco. Cannons, walls, small towers, the borj Adoumoue is reminiscent of the Sqala of Essaouira.

Take the time to visit this bastion and especially to land on the top of the walls and admire the view of the Atlantic Ocean while hearing the sound of the waves crashing at the foot of the bastion.

If you come to visit Salé, it is clearly a must visit, the price of entry is 10Dh as often in Morocco. Do not hesitate to ask the keeper of the borj for some explanations, very friendly!

Finally, note that unlike Essaouira, you will have the bastion to yourself! I stayed there for 45 minutes without seeing anyone 😉 This makes the place even more pleasant and it is a major asset vis-à-vis the Sqala of Essaouira.

How to get to Salé?

If you come from Rabat to visit Salé, you can take the Rabat tramway, which is very practical, recent and ultra modern!

From the center of Rabat, the journey is direct and will take barely 10 minutes and you will pass over a bridge over the Bouregreg which offers a beautiful view of the mouth of the Bouregreg.

In Salé, get off at the Gare de Salé stop or at the previous stop, Bab Lamrissa. These 2 stops are located near the medina, just in front of the ramparts.

If you come from another city in Morocco, know that Salé is served by the train. It is therefore possible to reach Salé from the majority of major cities in Morocco using the train.