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Visit Tetouan: what to do in Tetouan?

At the foot of the Rif range, not far from Tangier and the Strait of Gibraltar, Tetouan is a Moroccan destination of choice for all lovers of architecture, because the city has managed to preserve a heritage of choice from episodes that have marked its history. First comes the medina of Tetouan, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: small in size, this old town impresses with the authenticity of its Andalusian style.

Further on, the district of El Ensanche bears witness to a more recent period, that of the Spanish protectorate and its characteristic architecture. A particularly pleasant city, it should not be forgotten that the seaside and its resorts are not far away; it will therefore be easy to reach the surrounding Mediterranean beaches.

The best things to do in Tetouan

Located in the northwest of Morocco, Tetouan is one of the largest and most popular cities in the country. It is nicknamed “the dove of the North” because of its puzzling architectural heritage and its breathtaking landscape. Its impressive culture, its incredible monuments, and the friendly atmosphere of this city make it a must in Africa. Want to explore the wonders of this Arab-Andalusian city? Discover the best things to do in Tetouan.

1 — Discover the Medina of Tetouan

Located northeast of the city, the medina of Tetouan was once the Islamic city of Tetouan. Today, it is one of the most popular historical sites in the city. It is full of small low white houses, souvenir shops, stalls selling fabrics, products and handicrafts. You will love exploring its magnificent dark alleys and small narrow alleys. The landscape is spectacular and there is a warm and lively atmosphere. Be sure to browse the shops to take home souvenirs for your loved ones.

2 — Visit the Center for Modern and Contemporary Art in Tetouan

The modern and contemporary art center is a magnificent museum located near the Medina of Tetouan. This gigantic and incredible museum is installed in the old train station of Tetouan. The modern architecture of the building is impressive and the decorations from outside to inside are sumptuous. It is full of illustrations, paintings by famous artists, ancient cultural objects, and works of contemporary art. You will be charmed by the beauty of the place.

3— Explore Mohamed V Avenue

Located in the El Ensanche district in the center of Tetouan, Avenue Mohamed V is one of the most beautiful in the country. The atmosphere is restless and lively from morning until evening. You will love discovering the buildings of more than 5 floors and the sales stands that line this shopping street.

4— Rest at Feddan Park Tetouan

Feddan Park is a sort of public square located in the heart of Tetouan. This is a place that serves as a shelter for locals and tourists from the city. The place is beautiful, modern and very well maintained. Coconut trees and benches covered with mosaics are installed in the park to beautify the landscape. You will have a breathtaking view of the city, you can admire the structure of the traditional houses, especially rest and take a breath of fresh air. The park is ideal for taking beautiful souvenir photos, so do not hesitate to fill your phones or cameras.

What else to do in Tetouan ?

If you love good food, be sure to take a food tour. You will be surprised by the Arab and Andalusian gastronomic mix. You will love exploding between the flavors of delicious savory dishes and Tetouan delicacies.

We also suggest you take a trip to the central market of Tetouan to browse the fruit stalls. You will find fresh and dried fruits from the region: watermelons, grapes, dates, cherries, figs, nuts…

If you are a lover of the Islamic religion, take a detour to visit the largest and most famous mosques in the city. We recommend the Hassan II, EL KEBIR and ERZINI Mosques. You will love.

What to do and ideas for circuits around Tetouan?

Outside Tetouan, that is to say around the city, we urge you to discover the Aoua and Aguelmame Sidi Ali lakes. One is the most famous and the other the largest in Morocco. They are ideal for pleasant moments of rest and relaxation. You will love the magnificent landscape offered by the lakes and the peaceful and soothing atmosphere that reigns there.

It is possible to have picnics there and the areas bordering the lakes are ideal for beautiful hikes. You can also fill up on sensations by doing quad rides, just to explore and admire the circuits of Tetouan.

How to get to Tetouan?

Tetouan is an African city so if you live in Europe, the possible means of transport is the plane. There is a 2 hour 40 minute flight between Paris and Tangier, a city located near Tetouan. If you live in France, head to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport for an “Air Royal Maroc” flight.

The means of transport in Tetouan are buses, collective and individual taxis. When you land in Tangier, take a taxi and drive 47 km to Tetouan. It will take just 1 hour 30 min.